Saturday, January 5, 2008

Late Night Poker

Piggy Bank Polaroid, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

The episode of Late Night Poker that I took part in last October will be aired on Monday. Well, for the last five minutes of Monday anyway... and then most of it will be on Tuesday.

Monday. 11.55pm. Channel 4.


Unknown said...

Cool, look forward to it. Maybe I'll be able to sit through it with you playing.

Kristina said...
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Anonymous said...

Woo..triple snap!!


Kristina said...

I deleted my post because it ruined my googlewhack. Here it is again, with the problem fixed. :)


I'm afraid it's irrelevant to your pokering announcement, but I wanted to tell you about Che, ee, ee-eee-eky Encephalopods, because it's my first googlewhack ever.

It's a very exciting day for me! You are the only person I could think of who might agree that it's exciting. I considered telling the people at, but I was too thoroughly confused as to why all of their googlewhacks include jokes about Enron.

Anyway, now I'm thinking of renaming my art studio after my googlewhack, to improve my search engine placement...