Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book Tour

I used to have a 'news page' on the site... it progressively became more and more bloggy until I eventually conceded that it was a blog after all and moved it all over here instead.

But as it's become more of a blog it means that when I post something more newsy I feel like I'm being remiss... like I should find something else to spice it up.

But there isn't anything really... just some news. But it is good news.

The book - America Unchained - is published at the start of April and so I'll be out and about doing some book readings . Hurrah for things like that. The dates and details have just been finalised and I've just added them to the live dates page of my site so if you want to know the finer details I suggest you skidaddle that way... but the broad brushstrokes are as follows:

  • March
  • 29th - Cambridge
  • 31st - Basingstoke
  • April
  • 1st - Nottingham
  • 2nd - East London
  • 3rd - Leeds
  • 4th - Hove
  • 5th - Central London
  • 27th - Galway
  • 28th - Manchester
  • 29th - Cardiff
  • 30th - Edinburgh
  • May
  • 1st - Glasgow
  • 2nd - Dundee
  • 8th - Fowey (Cornwall)
I hope you can come along...

[Typically... as soon as this was put online, and about five minutes after I'd e-mailed my mailing list, my publishers got in touch to say there was another one they wanted me to do... so I've just edited this list to add the Central London reading on April 5]


Anonymous said...

Why is your Cornwall venue the most expensive by far? We're not all rich second home owners you know. The great majority of those of us who live in Cornwall are some of the lowest paid in the country. A great shame Dave.

Unknown said...

The Cornwall venue will have been the most expensive to rent, jon. Boohoo it's still great value- be thankful there's somewhere near enough to you to actually go.

Dave Gorman said...

@jon - st austell: you seem to be under the impression that I have arranged the tour personally, selected every venue by hand and then put prices on things. I haven't.

I've answered the phone and a couple of e-mails and agreed to a schedule put together by my publishers... and the prices have been set by the venues and/or the bookshops responsible.

Anonymous said...

I love a car with faux wood panelling. They look like they should be being driven by Chevy Chase.

What happened to the 'DG Games' logo? I always thought that was mildly humourous.

Sam, sam, the hyde park man said...

I shall see you in Leeds dave, makes a change to travelling down to london for recordings of genius, looking forward to it!
Any idea when the TV genius will be aired, if at all?

Ben Paddon said...

Is there even the teensiest of teensy chances you'll be popping over to the US for a book tour later in the year...?

Stuart said...

Jon - St Austell said...

"Why is your Cornwall venue the most expensive by far?"

Your definition of far seems a little strange. 50p is far? I'd hate to have to pop round to the corner shop for milk with you... that must be one hell of a hike! :P

Dave Gorman said...

@ Beb/S2K: I suppose there's always the teensiest of teensy chances... but in all honesty it's so teensy that I think a more honest answer would be: No, I'm afraid not.
The book is being published in the UK at present. The last book was eventually published in the US and (separately) in Canada but I have no way of knowing how likely it is that it will be picked up by a US publishing house.

Dave Gorman said...

@dunbar: the DG games logo has gone because this book doesn't have the same thematic connection with it as the previous two did. It's a different kind of book so it ought to have a different kind of cover... otherwise it starts to look like it's part of some deliberate trilogy.

That and I think MB Games might have sued us a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

I do judge a book by its cover... And this one rocks.


Anonymous said...

Cambridge reading has sold out and before I got back from the business I have been away on this week :-(

Stromi said...

Hi DAve,

COuld you suggest to whoever schedules your readings that the European Capital of Culture 2008 would be a good venue for a reading.

You could take in a game at Anfield whilst you were here.



ochabelly said...

Wut? No Birmingham? :(

Anonymous said...

Dave, I love your insanity! It fits so well with my own.

Are you thinking of coming to Ireland on this book-tour-yoke of yours? Cork would be my recommendation... mostly because I'm from there and could walk to the venue... think of the carbon it would save!!

trill42 said...

But where in America will you be? (And when will wou be there?)

trill42 said...

"wou" is a term of endearment many Americans use when referring to British people whom they feel fondly toward.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Cardiff!

I posted a rather gushing appraisal of the America Unchained doc on the Times Online site... unfortunately (or fortunately, even!) it didn't take!

Breige said...

as in galway,ireland?if so,excellent!!

Anonymous said...

See you in Hove!