Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Or not so soon, depending on where you live...

It was only when I read the comments to my last post that I discovered Genius has been scheduled differently in Northern Ireland and in Wales.

So actually, the schedule is as follows:
England/Scotland: BBC2, Friday, 10pm
Northern Ireland: BBC2, Friday, 11.35pm
Wales: BBC2, Saturday, 10pm.


Jenny Harvey said...

being half Welsh, should I watch till 10.15 Friday and from 10.4 Sat...might not flow so well that way

Anonymous said...

there's always iPlayer

Anonymous said...

You can't get iPlayer in Wales. It's like channel 4, the internet reception gets sucked in by the valleys.

I have to send my mum's facebook updates in the post to her.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has got Sky can access any regional programmes from anywhere (eg. channel 990 for BBC2 Scotland)