Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Big thanks to everyone who came down to the DVD recording last night. I'm happy with both shows so it'll be interesting to see what they do in the edit suite.

The turnaround time on things like this is always a bit mysterious. But I won't be shy of letting you know when the DVD is released.


andredabassman said...


I didn't even know you were recording a DVD.

This is very exciting news indeed.

Jamescc said...

6pm show was great.

I'd forgotten much of the Hammersmith show so really good to hear them again!

Anonymous said...

Agree with previous comment, 6pm was great. Cracking stuff Dave. Great variety. Great pace. Great energy and delivery. If the dvd comes out half as good as it did live, then it will be a great success. What a cracking little theatre by the way. A real gem

Liz said...

Saw the second sitting last night, and wanted to say thanks. Your Vegas story made me laugh so much I cried! Looking forward to re-living the night when the DVD is pressed.

Keith richards said...

Hiya! Myself and the good lady came to see the 9pm show a couple of nights back and just had to say how funny it was! Very interesting in seeing you do stand up stuff, but we have laughed at slot of the material over past two days, Especially about your catchphrase! Great work and just brill to have seen you live!!