Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Bowling

Night Bowling, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

Sometimes you say things and you're not really expecting anyone to take them seriously... but they do.

A short while ago I was chatting to my publisher about my new book. It's about playing games and in a moment of idle chit-chattery I found myself saying, "Wouldn't it be great if we encouraged readers to play a game of some kind."

I wasn't asking him to make it happen. I was just, y'know, chatting.

But they took me at my word and have come up with a promotion that makes me giggle. The first 1000 people who pre-order the book (through a particular page) will get a free game of ten pin bowling.

Ta dah!

The link is here:

Oh... and the bowling alleys are in the UK... but there are lots of them. Go read. Go bowl.


Graham the Funky Aardvark said...

What a great idea - nice to see your publishers have a sense of fun about them

Craig Jones said...

It appears that up to six people can participate in the free game as well... excellent :-)

Paul said...

Hello. Is the book going to be available on Kindle? I know it may be out of your hands, but as I think you have a Kindle I hope you will do your best to make it available. If not, I'll buy the old fashioned version!


Dave Gorman said...

@Paul: I'm pretty certain that it will be on Kindle. Not sure when. There are a couple of passages that will probably be tricky to make work in that format because they're typeset in a very specific way... but I'm sure it'll happen.

Paul said...

Thanks Dave, I'll hang on for a little while after release and see how it goes.

Edyta said...

Gonna order a book now and hopefully come to signing in Manchester :) If not- i'll see you in Salford 20th of October! :D

Dave Gorman said...

@Edyta: hopefully see you there. There's nothing to stop you bringing a book you've bought elsewhere to one of the readings and nothing wrong with doing so... but obviously, the bookshops host them in the hope of selling you one!