Monday, April 2, 2012

April 1st... Absolutely

I think this was probably the most enjoyable show we'd done in a wee while. I definitely remember chuckling through most of it.

Because the preview gigs meant I was busy in Newbury on Thursday and Friday and in Chelmsford on Saturday I prepared my Found Poem a little earlier in the week than normal. I'd pretty much forgotten the content of it by the time I came to read it on the Sunday... which goes some way to explain my corpsing. Maybe I should try and get it done earlier in the week more often. It was nice to surprise myself with it.

The main topic of the show was inspired by the doctor's note I'd had to get that week.

I could have sworn her diagnosis was 071715 MEDIA and was certain there was some secret code at work... something that another doctor would understand. "Oh yeah... he's one of those 071715 media types..." But it's actually Otitis Media. Or an ear infection.

This - and a text message from one of Mrs Gorman's friends saying she was catching up on the killing (as opposed to, say, The Killing) led to a topic about the written word being misunderstood. And you had some doozies.

As you'll hear if you get the podcast. If you use itunes, you'll find it here and if you don't... well, you're not neglected, it's here.

Oh... and here are the two tunes I brought in from home. Top toe-tappy stuff, I hope you agree:
Without You by Ellen and The Escapades

Finding England by Athena

Of course, the Someday podcast will be out later in the week too but we won't be on air for the next three Sunday's because I'm heading to Australia on Friday for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I'm looking forward to that. Obviously.

It doesn't feel quite as imminent as all that because between now and then I have the small matter of a London run to be dealing with. We start at the Southbank Centre tonight. I'm very, very excited to be playing there. Can't wait!


Unknown said...

Hi Dave, thanks for a great show on Sunday - your Found Poem was one of the funniest so far, Mrs E and myself were laughing just as much as you were! Cheers, David.

John Parker said...

Good show. Please let Martin and Danielle swap over more often Martin's Weekly Word was hilarious while Danielle's song was really something. Did they help each other?

emma6 said...

Hi Dave, I hope you can knock the OM on the head before you have to fly. Feeling dizzy and falling over and throwing up is bad enough at ground level, but after a long flight, it's a whole new set of miseries. I flew to LA with it once, i was bedridden for four days after i landed. Get well soon, and bon voyage.