Thursday, November 8, 2012

Y'know... like... if you're interested and stuff...

This is one of those blog posts that's only really of interest to some and might appear a bit presumptuous to others. Apologies if you're one of the others.

One of the comments I've had a lot since we announced the impending end of the radio show - there are still two more weeks that we hope you'll join us for - is "please tell us about whatever it is you're up to next?"

Which of course, I always try to. After all - there's little point in performing live, publishing books, making TV or radio shows and not telling people about their existence.

But one of the things that twitter makes very apparent is that it's incredibly easy to miss things. When I was on tour earlier this year I would tweet my tour dates. No matter how many times I did so I would always get tweets from people saying, "I wish I'd known you were coming to [wherever] I'd have come if I'd known." Twitter is a fast moving thing... you're either online at the time or you're not.

Anyway... a far more reliable way is to sign up to my mailing list. You can do so here:

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I can't add addresses personally... you have to do that yourself. It sends an email to the address in question with a link you click to confirm that you want in. That way I can't be accused of spamming people with stuff they haven't asked for.

I don't use it often. I only use it when there's something to say and of course I don't share your email address with anyone else. But it does mean you definitely get to hear about tour dates and stuff and when it comes to tickets for recordings etc - which are normally free - I always try and give the mailing list a day or two's notice first.

Anyway. It's there. Y'know... like... if you're interested and stuff...


Simon Scott said...

Cheers Dave, have subscribed. Look forward to hearing about a tour date in Liverpool sometime.

Unknown said...

Thanks for getting back to me first of all..!
Thanks for clearing up the show date confusion.
I've now subscribed and look forward to seeing the new series and the tour.

Finally Williams said...

Thanks Dave. My 13yr old son is probably your second biggest fan ( me being your biggest )

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Gorman,
Your a hard fellow to track down.....
Been on your facebook page and your NEVER there!
I understand your very BUSY as we all are....
However i would just like to say...
Thanks for all the laughs and i will be watching all the
Repeats on your channel DAVE.