Sunday, March 31, 2013

Filled Guild. Will Build.

The second season of Screen Guild shows drew to a close last night. If you came to one or more of them - big thanks.

They're hugely enjoyable things for me - but hugely stressful too. It normally takes me around eight hours to build the powerpoint elements for each of them and there are times when I've been tweaking stuff until 10 seconds before we open the doors and let the audience in. But it's always worth it. If I didn't do them, I wouldn't have another way of generating material.

And I'm really proud of the line-ups we pulled together for the shows. We never bill the shows in advance partly because things often change at late notice but also because it's nicer with a show like this for the audience to be surprised.

In this season, we've had: Ed Gamble, Steve Hall, Morgan & West, David O'Doherty, Jay Foreman, James Acaster, Lucy Beaumont, Pete Firman, Simon Munnery, Marcel Lucont, Pat Cahill, Richard Herring, Mark Smith, Gareth Richards, Ali Cook, Sara Pascoe, Phil Wang, Andy Zaltzman, GrĂ¡inne Maguire, Tony Law, Holly Walsh, Piff The Magic Dragon, Aisling Bea and Daniel Simonsen. Top notch each and every one of them.

I don't know when I'll return for a third season... but I'm sure I will. And I look forward to it.

But now the task is to see how the various bits of material hang together when it's just me. Which is why I'm doing the Screen Guild, sorry, Screen Build shows in Windsor (May), Fareham (Sold Out) and Tring (June).

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Chris Emerson said...

Coming to see you in Tring, can't wait :)