Monday, November 7, 2016

(Not Humble) Bragging

There have been some nice previews for the new series. Please forgive me for the non-humble bragging that goes along with sharing these things... but, y'know, months of work goes into the series so it would be a bit perverse to not try and persuade some people to watch it...

"He handles his audience like a DJ at a club, beginning with a thoughtful set about guilty pleasures before building to a story about a complicated trick he once played on a know-all friend known as Micki-Pedia, the punchline of which has the audience gasping with delight." Victoria Segal, The Sunday Times.

'"King of PowerPoint comedy" isn’t a viciously contested mantle, but Gorman deserves praise for having mastered his craft…He has a pleasing streak of curmudgeon, and is as skilled with a comic callback as he is with his slides: his climatic anecdote about an online quiz is sublime.' Jack Seale, The Guardian

“The man is at his funniest when at his most exasperated or expressing amused disbelief, partly because his voice goes up several octaves, so we’re looking forward to plenty more of that over the course of six episodes”
Jason Arnopp, Heat  ★★★★

"We're not entirely sure what to call Dave Gorman's Modern Life Is Goodish. The part stand-up, part storytelling, part experiment show is hard to define, but we do know it makes us laugh out loud."
Daily Star, Big TV.

And the show has been 'pick of the day' in the Guardian Guide, the Daily Mail’s Weekend, Mail On Sunday's Event magazine, The Times, The Sunday Times, the Sun’s TV Magazine, the Mirror’s We Love TV, People and RTE’s Guide as well as ‘digital choice’ in the Telegraph.


Have I mentioned that the series starts on Tuesday night. At 10pm. On Dave.

The idiots are even letting me back in to do the live continuity on the night again...

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RMartin said...

I'm so happy for you! I'm glad your show is getting such terrific reviews. I can't wait to see the new season.