Monday, February 2, 2009

We Now Sell Gravy

Gravy, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

Surely there are two types of commercial establishment: those you'd expect to sell gravy and those you wouldn't.

Now obviously those who don't sell gravy - your local newsagent or a haberdashers, say - aren't about to start doing so and won't be needing a sign like this.

But who does need a sign like this? How do you end up running the kind of business where the selling of gravy might be expected but where the selling of gravy has been overlooked?

This is in the window of a pie and mash shop. What on earth were they doing not selling gravy? Surely they've always sold gravy... and surely people walk through the door expecting them to do so.

It's like putting a sign up in a pub window saying, "We now sell whiskey". Or like Jonathan Cainer advertising his new column on the basis that he now includes all twelve star signs... including, at last, Scorpio.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I wonder if you can go in there and just buy gravy? At least if you did that then the shop owners would know that the sign works

Jenny Harvey said...

Perhaps the gravy was previously free. Therebe, the sign now warns customers to expect to be charged, what with the credit crunch an' all

Dan W said...

They used to advertise tomatoes in Tesco with the the sticker "As seen on TV". The only TV appearance of tomatoes I remember is 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes'. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Dave: I'd normally agree with you: what self respecting pies shop would not sell gravy? However, when I moved to London I discovered that the traditional London pie and mash shop would shun gravy in favour of a liquor (see and, or a weird thin white sauce full of parsley.

Obviously, with the economy how it is, this pie shop is branching out to include gravy.

fatboyfat said...

Pie & mash with gravy?

Blimey, things are getting tough for the piewranglers of olde London towne.

(And the word verification today is 'glyper'. Call My Bluff would have a field day).

David H said...

Shop windows can be fantastically random places, our local cake shop has a picture of George Formby's Mother. I don't know why, I don't think she's from Tarporley.

Anonymous said...

You want signs, here are some signs!

Enjoy! PJ

Rick Lamb said...

As an exiled Northerner, my instinctive reaction to this (presumably London-based) sign was, where is this?

It's nigh-on impossible to get gravy with your chips down here, and I remember being astonished by the blank faces that greeted me when I first moved down here and asked for gravy. Curry sauce was the alternative, for which my local chippy charge 90p. 90p to have an inferior sauce? I ask you. No wonder this country's on its arse.

This, however, gives me hope. The brown shoots of recovery.

Anonymous said...

Great blog- though a bugger to read on my iPod Touch - for such a great Apple fan I am surprised that you chose that font!

I have been living in Malaysia for the last three years and met an Australian Dave Gorman working in one of the International Schools in Kuala Lumpur (he taught my daughter) shame you didn't get to meet him as he is a character!

Now in Hong Kong - I don't know what you have done to upset the Chinese but your website is blocked.

At least I can console myself with access to your blog.

Dave Gorman said...

@Mark: I'm viewing this on an apple computer and it reads just fine. I've never used an iPod Touch so wouldn't have the faintest idea what it looks like on one... and couldn't begin to guess.

Is the website blocked or is it just the forum. If it's the forum you can't get to it's probably a block from my end. I've blocked some Chinese IPs because they were being used to create 20 accounts overnight that would then bombard the forum with spam.

Anonymous said...

As Ne says, it'll be because of the liquor (the sign that is - not the Chinese blockage).

Liquor truly is rank. If done properly it's made with the water they boil the eels in; if parsley wasn't grim enough (which it is) that's a real deal breaker for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Mr Lamb - hope this is of use:

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave - it's the whole website I am afraid.

Dave Gorman said...

@Mark... in which case there's little I can do. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, if a shop near me started selling gravy I'd want to know about it.

Just Nick said...

Maybe they sell gravy
To people in the navy
Or people with wavy

Or maybe what's on sale
Is something much more pale
Than the usual dark brown hue
Of your average Bisto goo.

Maybe they are white slave traders
Who specialise in undertakers
And they are selling one
Whose nickname
Is Gravy.

Anonymous said...

Must confess most people on the right side of the river were shocked when Manze's started seling gravy on the pie and mash. What next, chips instead of mash? Sad times for London!

Unknown said...

this 'ere pie and mash shop should be named and shamed

Unknown said...

Yes it is true, not everywhere does sell gravy. Especially in our traditional pie and mash shops. For those who don't know the tradition, at Arments we cover our pie and mash in green liquor(which is not got any alcohol) it is a great dressing for this traditional English meal. Why not try us out or check the website for our delivery options.