Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Friday!

We had to take a week off over Easter because of the golf. But we're back on Friday the 17th and in a novel twist we appear to be on at the same time in all the regions! How refreshing. 10pm. Friday. BBC2. With Johnny Vegas. Hope you can catch it.


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait!

Ben Nuttall said...

Excellent. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

That looks bloody funny!

stephencoley said...

Did you for 1 minute think you'd be sharing a bed with Johnny Vegas, when you devised this show???


And apologies if you received this comment about 100 times, but Blogger kept freaking out on me!!!

word verification = anymanl :-D

Vicky said...

The radio version sounded like it worked better... with Giles B.

Liz Conneely said...

That is utter comedy Genius.. not sure if the duvet idea itself is however. Looking forward to the show!

Paussie said...

What time is it on in Australia?!

Frustrated Pom In NSW!

Anonymous said...

I'm rocking and a rolling on Friday nights so thank the BBC for iPlayer!

Steve said...

I just want to say thankyou for this show. I was absolutely crying with laughter during the show this evening when you were in bed with Johnny Vegas. However it did look at one point that you were genuinely in fear of suffocating!

Anonymous said...

Very funny show, but I disagreed with every decision that Johnny made!!
The duvet was inspired, but it should just have a zip along one side so that to change it, you just throw it under the bed, grab the other end, bring both ends to the top and zzzzipp; there you go!

Make it looser too, so that if you need to stick your legs out, you can just yank it up at the bottom over at one side.

The torture box and the zip up pet disguises were just very silly.

I love the ideas from the bin that never get used!!

Just finished reading America Unchained btw, very good!!


Anonymous said...

I laughed so much at the duvet I was nearly sick!
Are you ok though Dave, because you looked in real pain at one point!!??

Unknown said...

Like 'I've Never Seen Star Wars', Genius is one of those surreal radio programmes that does very visual things but on radio, and I just love the way that leaves so much to the imagination.

Initially, I felt the programme lost something by being on TV, much like 'Star Wars'...Clive Anderson doing Judo on radio would have been funnier.

However, this is just 'Radio 4' snobbishness...we don't need to use our eyes you know!

Seeing Nigel Havers on Star Wars this week was a revelation of an actor...and we had to see the tattoo. Seeing the sheer terror on Dave's face at Johnny's antics in bed was sheer genius in itself.

Hence, these two episodes have made me realise...yup...keep 'em on TV, we need this sort of stupidly high-brow wierdness on TV much like QI.

I would like to proffer my Genius idea which is a spoon recogniser...since Dave has so much trouble spooting spoons the device would help him immensely.

James Flinders said...

I love Genius, got all 3 radio series on audiobook and listen to them regularly. I think it's made the transition to TV very well, the guests have been fantastic, as has the host :) (no I'm not creeping lol)

which brings me to Johnny Vegas.

Ah Johnny Vegas, you know whenever you book the man something is going to happen. You never know what, but you know it will be funny.

my housemate nearly choked to death on his dinner watching the duvet bit, i thought i was going to have to call an ambulance, not that i'd have been capable of it as i was at the time on my knees with my head on the floor, cluthing at my sides and hoping i'd take a proper breath at some point soon.

Cracking stuff Dave :)