Friday, November 4, 2011

Ecky Thump!

A man once died laughing at The Goodies.

I'll settle for causing a pulled muscle. At least that's what two folks on twitter are telling me happened in Guildford.

Is it true? Does anyone know the woman in question?


Shammi said...

It could've been me... :) (or not)

Actionwom said...

Thereis a guy down our local who is spitting dabs of Graeme Garden. Saw the show in Edinburgh, was fab :)

Anonymous said...

I'd already hurt my shoulder a few weeks ago but too much laughing set it off and I did have to leave the show and find an ice pack... I missed the final punch line which was a shame but was very amused to find myself 'mentioned in dispatches' Regards Toni

Dave Gorman said...

Glad to hear from you Toni. And glad you're okay. According to The Sun you were rushed to hospital!