Monday, January 23, 2012

A Digest...

Most weeks on the radio I bring a couple of songs in from home. We always put the details up on the Absolute Radio website but I still get a few emails and tweets asking me what they were so I thought I'd put some information up here as well:

On yesterday's show I played Run Out Of Morning by The Loose Salute:

And For My Record Machine by The Loud:

I really enjoyed the show yesterday. Inspired by a waiter who denied the existence of mint tea to me, despite serving it to people sitting at tables all around me, we started talking about weird dining experiences. There were cafes that serve All Day Breakfasts - but only before 11am - ants in the antipasti and a tweet from Alex Philip about a waiter in a Cornish restaurant who kept tucking the tablecloth into diner's collars for them, y'know... instead of a napkin.

Of course, as well as the main show, we do a load of extras for the podcast. This week we began our efforts to try and end a 10 year old grudge between a man in Bristol and his favourite pizzeria, discussed the things you can see behind a Dutch cafe toilet door and had a busy session in the Pun Street Planning Committee Council Chamber - where Brooklyn Tomato was put forward for Fail Lane (that makes sense when you know what kind of restaurant it is), two wool shops (Woollabulloo and Un-ewes-u-wool) went head to head for the right to take on the incumbent, World of Woolcraft and the coffee shops based in Glasgow's old Tardis style police boxes - Coppuchino - had a go at deposing Brewed Awakening.

Of course there's also the Someday Podcast out later in the week.

If you've got a suggestion for Pun Street send it to us here.

If you've got a suggestion for Listeners Lexicon - or a guess for any of this week's words (comfort, hairdresser, ARSFLY) you can send them here.

You can get the podcast here (itunes) or here (um... not itunes).


Rob said...

Haha, I had no idea those Tardises were coffee shops, I pass them all the time. The name of the business might not be a failure, but linking police boxes with coffee definitely is!

Unknown said...

i once ordered a mediteranean flatbread in a place in regents park. when the waitress brought it she described it as a pizza. none of us had ordered pizza so no-one owned up. by process of elimination she worked out that it was mine, but i said "i ordered flatbread" and she said, "yeah,pizza. Flat - bread" and walked off.

Lydia said...

Hi Dave

I can recommend for inspiration on pun shops. Although I've never been, I'd love to visit 'William the Concreter' (in Hastings of course) which is the most inspired I'm aware of!

Take care