Friday, July 20, 2012

Absolutely July 15

I've been trying to blog the radio show in recent weeks - basically to showcase the two songs I brought from home - but this last Sunday whizzed by in a blur as I had to dash across town and jump in a hire car immediately after the podcasting was done in order to get to Latitude in time for my reading.

I made it and the event at Latitude was a lot of fun but being at a festival for just a few hours of the final day did feel like turning up late for a party. I was conspicuous by my cleanness... I obviously hadn't spent the last few nights under canvas...

With Latitude done and dusted, I then had a day of preparing stuff for my trip to Montreal and then I was on my way... and so the usual, here-are-the-songs-I-chose blog sort of fell through the gaps. Which probably didn't trouble anyone... I'm not sure anyone else is that bothered... but I still feel like I ought to be completist about it... especially as there were two fantastic songs this week.

First up: Liz Lawrence and Oo Song.

The first time I heard it I thought she was singing about Frankie Boyle (39 seconds in) but the lyric is actually, 'The seasons change, but that quite frankly bores you' and not 'the seasons change, but that's like Frankie Boyle who...' as I first thought.

Next up: Mississipi Isabel by King Charles who's new album is full of gems.

I want that bike... 

As I'm in Montreal, there won't be a radio show this coming Sunday. But we did find time to record a mini podcast so that should still show up and help to tide folks over.

The podcasts from this week - the Sunday and the Someday - are both available here.

Meanwhile, I'm in Montreal and I did my first show last night. It's always such a relief to get the first show done. You never know for sure that things will work as well when you take them to foreign lands and as much as you can try to make changes and second-guess how people will respond it's only when you do the show for the first time that you find out with any certainty.

I'm delighted to have discovered that the show works just fine here. The next few days are going to be fun!

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