Sunday, September 30, 2012

Absolutely September 30th 2012

Here are the two new songs-I-brought-in-from-home for the radio show this week... and they're very different beasts.

I'm a big fan of Admiral Fallow and this track, Guest Of The Government, is a great example of what they do. It's from their recent album, Tree Bursts In Snow, which comes highly recommended by me:

I know a lot less about Pop Levi who's completely new to me. I stumbled across this track online somewhere. It's been out for a year and as I type this, the top comment on youtube says, "this guy is my teacher's brother." It's camp. Energised. Glam. And I like it:

We're off next week - I'm taking a few days off - but normal service will be resumed on October 14th... which will effectively mark my third year at Absolute Radio. Blimey!

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