Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home, It's Coming... Screen Guild's Coming Home.

I'm getting excited - and panicked - by my imminent return to this place:

Hoxton Hall.

The new mini-run of Dave Gorman's Screen Guild kicks off on Saturday and we've got a great line up.

I've written about Screen Guild before but if you're new to these parts,  I created the night as a way of giving me a playground in which to try out new ideas.

For regular stand up, London is full of clubs that will let you do five minutes of new stuff... but most of them don't really accommodate a 9ft by 12ft screen and projector... and even if they do, it's not exactly practical to set all of it up and then just try out a five minute new bit.

So instead of trying out three minutes here and five minutes there, I host my own evening and commit to doing only new stuff all night. Some will work. Some won't. There's only one way to find out. As a rule I'm not a particularly nervous performer - but when it's new I make an exception.

To ensure that the tickets are worth having I book four guests - acts that I know are great and I compère the night. I'm really chuffed with the acts we've got for the first night of this run. Steve Hall, Ed Gamble, Morgan & West and David O'Doherty. Brilliant and different to a man.

If you want to come along - this Saturday or to the shows in November and December - you can get tickets here.

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Nathan said...

Have come rather late to your blog, I'm afraid. Just wanted to say the better half and I came along to Hoxton for this gig and had a cracking time - THANK YOU for introducing us to such great new acts! And for helping me never look at dishwashing the same again =o)