Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Banter was hugely enjoyable last night. A lot of panel shows have a tendency to get unpleasantly competitive with everyone desperate to speak but this was really generous in spirit - no doubt in part because of the generous spirit of the panellists - but also I think because the structure of the show means that everyone has their turn anyway.

It's a series of rounds in which you discuss your Top Threes in different categories... so last night we discussed, amongst other things, our favourite monarchs, our favourite fictional robots and our favourite soap villains. You're told the categories in advance so you can prepare for them properly but the funniest and most satisfying things spring not from the prepared material but from the conversation. Or banter.

It was a long recording and a lot of stuff was said that won't have a chance of making it into the show (which is intended, I think, for the 6.30 slot on R4) but of course the live audience enjoys being privy to it all the more when that happens.

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