Friday, January 6, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone.

It seems I was wrong to sum up my travels for 2005 when I did as I ended up taking a trip to Stockholm to bring in the new year with some good friends. So obviously, my 2005 glasses had a final outing (see picture). But they are out of date now and I will never wear them again. Still, I think I got more use out of them than anyone else, having worn them on New Year's Day 2005 and New Year's Eve 2005 and on many occasions in between. Well done me.

(I have some more attractive pictures from the trip here.)

As the new year brings a new news page I hope you'll forgive me for repeating a bit of information from my final entries to last year's page... it is stuff that's still relevant and I don't expect everyone to go chasing links around the place unnecessarily.

As I was away from home for most of the last four months and the US tour was quite intense I'm determined not to race back into things and overload my schedule. So I'm trying to be a bit picky about agreeing to any work commitments so it's just going to be a mix of old favourites I enjoy doing or new things that I'm confident will be more fun than anything else.

A good example of the latter is a new Radio 4 show; Banter. It's hosted by Andrew Collins and features Richard Herring as a regular panellist all of which leads me to believe it should be fun. It involves a studio audience so if you're interested in being there (it's in London) on January 15th, take a lookee in here.

From January 30th to February 3rd I'll be having a few early mornings and returning to Channel 5's The Wright Stuff. They also have a studio audience so if early morning topical discussion floats your boat you can call 020 7284 7710/7715.

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