Sunday, January 15, 2006

We meet again Mr Collins

In spite of knowing almost none of the answers I really enjoyed All The Way From Memphis last night. It was very jolly company and the questions are very cleverly constructed by Jim Walton who also hosts the show. The show ends with a quickfire-fingers-on-buzzers round and Andrew Collins is just too quick with his fire. In both shows I knew maybe 25% of the answers in that round but it seemed almost impossible to get in first. When I did finally manage to buzz in and score a point it even raised a friendly cheer from the audience. (I say 'friendly', I mean 'patronising.') Mind you, I'm pretty sure that the others hadn't buzzed in not because they didn't know the answer but because they were too cool to reveal they're knowledge of The Wurzels back-catalogue. By then I had no such pride.

My Andrew Collins themed weekend continues tomorrow when we'll be recording an episode of Banter also for Radio 4.

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