Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pun Street

A lot of people who listened to the show on Sunday - or who have listened to the podcast since - have been getting in touch to send us more examples of shop names.

So I've compiled a list over at the show blog... and I'd suggest that's probably the best place to get in touch with any more.

It's here.

If you want the podcast... you can subscribe via itunes here... or listen again at the Absolute Radio website here.



I've been compiling something similar (but not restricted to shops) on my blog at http://www.thepunningman.com

Glad you're helping to spread awareness of this wonderful disease.


Alistair said...

I once formed a plan for a punning dictionary, a bit like a rhyming dictionary but for puns, it's tricky as you need the word you are punning and the subject so it can only really exist online... one day i'll win the lotter and pay for it to be built.

the excellent londonsit blog did more
inspired by toronot's efforts

personally my favourite shop pun is 'all sisterns go' the plumbers

and the best pun i ever heard was a fritnd talking about the ranch of types of pak choi you could buy at the chinese supermarket.... to which my other mate pitched in.. 'so you werre spoiled for choi-s then'

that one left a smell

Spoghead said...

We have Chinese restaurant near home called the "Wok Inn", it's conveniently situated right next to the "drive through"........

Dave Gorman said...

We've created a special page for Pun Street over at the Absolute Radio website... it's here.

Anonymous said...

Have a bike shop near me called Pedal Inn

Leigh Ellis said...

Hi. Where is the list for the pun street and fail alley shops. I can't find it anywhere. Can you please reinstate this page. Don't make me start a found poem on you.

Dave Gorman said...

@Leigh Ellis: I stopped doing the show nearly 3 years ago. It would be a bit weird for them to keep a page of their website up for a show they no longer make! (I'm not sure how you would start a found poem on me...)

Unknown said...

It depends on how many comments we can get debating the travesty that is the deletion of the Pun Street Yellow Pages.

Melanie Fleming said...

The deletion of the Pun Street Yellow Pages is a realisation of a nightmare. I have remembered nothing except Popodom Preach. Bring back the map please!

PaulW said...

Good news - it's in the internet archive: