Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There has been bribery on Pun Street. Or even Punn Street. Because, thanks to a bit of badly spelled engraving it is vaguely incompetent bribery

It comes from a man called Tolch. He wanted his submission to go before the committee. It worked too. We're shallow like that.

It's a gavel.

It's what every authoritative committee needs.

The Pun Street part of the podcast will now have extra added gavel.

Thanks Tolch.


Neil said...

It is hard to get a sense of scale, as in the podcast you say it is tiny, and in the picture it looks quite big. Perhaps a picture next to a coin, or an elephant, or Wales (as these seem to be the standard units of measure) would help?

Stuart said...

Dave, apparently (according to a bit of software I have installed), your blog is not trustworthy. You might want to check it out, and perhaps your leagues of dedicated followers could also have a look and change the decision:


It does seem to be a slanderous blot on your charming little blog.

Emma Spreadbury said...

I declare spam sir. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

Dave Gorman said...

@Emma: spam deleted, thanks for hollering. The same comment - a copy of a legitimate comment from someone else - was posted on a different entry a short while ago. It seems to be the spammers new method - to copy a legitimate post... instead of the comment itself being spammy it's the profile of the person/bot that posts it. I will try to be vigilant but blogger doesn't have any easy 'spam report' features. Bah.

@Stuart: that appears to be based on nothing in particular. I've never heard of it and I very much doubt that several people have used that American website to register their doubts as to the security of, um, a blog... hosted on one of the major blog providers. It just doesn't quite add up.

Dave Gorman said...

@Stuart: I looked into the mywot thing. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MyWOT.com#Problems

Basically it's not very good at assessing sites that are basically subdomains of free hosting. So because blogger is free, lots of *****.blogspot.com domains can be dodgy. And that affects all sites that, like this blog, are subdomains of blogspot.com.

If nobody rates my particular domain, then I just inherit the negatives that come with the blogspot.com bit. If lots of people rate gormano.blogspot.com then it gets sorted. But why would they? I wouldn't.

In essence, this blog gets a bad rating because it's had no specific rating but is connected to blogspot.com which can be used for nefarious purposes on account of it being free.

Stuart said...

@Dave: I'm glad it's not related to you in particular, and I'm sorry if I wasted your time. I just thought you'd like to know.