Monday, May 28, 2012

Absolutely May 27th...

I think it's fair to say that the lack of sleep did affect me this week... but I'd still rather do the show in a slightly wobbly way than not do it at all.

Of course you can judge for yourself if you get the podcast.

Luckily Danielle and guest presenter, Paul Foot (pictured) were there to help the tired old man through it.

The usual features - Ward's Weekly Word and Found Poetry - were there, Paul explained the royal family in the way that only Paul can and Autofill Your Boots made one of its semi-regular appearances with a listener, Nick, taking on both Paul and Danielle at the same time.

The songs I brought in from home were this absolute treat from Marthas And Arthurs called Sally Started It All:

And You Don't Need To Worry by This Many Boyfriends:

... both of which I've been humming randomly for the past week. Lovely stuff.

It should be slightly easier next week as I'm not gigging on Saturday night. Apparently people are more interested in the lubilee jubilee (as I believe Delboy calls it).

The gigs between now and then - one in Colchester and two in Norwich - are all sold out - but there are tickets available for the week after in Hayes, Dartford, Treorci, Dudley, Salford and for many of the 18 gigs that are still to come beyond those as the tour rolls on.

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Neil said...

Really enjoyed Paul Foot on the podcast. Everyone needs a bit of bonkers now and again.