Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 6th... Absolutely

The two songs I brought in for Sundays' show were Mondays by Bleech

and Tick Tock by Molotov Jukebox

It was a really busy show with Pete's Treat, Found Poetry, Ward's Weekly Word and Autofill Your Boots all making an appearance. It was the third time we've played the Autofill Quiz... and the score is now 2-1 to the listeners after a man called Phil played a blinder. (By the way, if you want to play Autofill Your Boots in future, feel free to get in touch with the show and add your name to the list. Contrary to the way it looks after three outings, girls can play too!)

Before the show started, I decided that, seeing as we've been joined for a few weeks by magician, Pete Firman, I'd have a go at some magic of my own and show Pete the two tricks that I (sort of) know... they work. Sort of. The podcast, for those who like that sort of thing is here. That's an itunes link... if you don't use itunes... you can get the podcast here instead. By the way... dedicated soul that I am - I think we've managed to make the travel arrangements work in such a way that I won't have to miss any of the radio shows during the next tour. I might well be asleep at the desk on a couple of occasions. But I'll be there, that's the important thing!

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Emma Spreadbury said...

That's some nice trickery, Dave.

Mr Rhys Morgan has got me a couple of times with "I've got something in my hand, and I'm going to drop it in your hand, open your hand. Aha! I have nothing in my hand!" The simple ones are the best.