Saturday, May 5, 2012

That Slim Volume Of Found Poetry...

When I started doing the Found Poetry on the radio show I didn't really know whether people would take to it or not. It's not always easy to tell if something's going over well on the radio and after a few weeks I quietly phased it out. But then people started asking for it to return and we realised that it had actually become quite popular. So I put it back in.

There was more evidence that people were enjoying them when I started doing my Screen Guild shows in Hoxton: a few people asked if I'd be doing any of the Found Poems at the shows. It had never really occurred to me to do them live and I was far from convinced that they'd work in that environment... but the point of those shows was to experiment so I threw one in. I ended up trying one out at every show. (It helped writing a new show each month knowing that, thanks to the radio show, I already had one thing pre-written and ready to go.)

One went into the Powerpoint Presentation for Edinburgh and a second went into the encore on tour. And then people started asking if they were going to be published.

Which led to this slim volume being printed.
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the booklet - I think that's the best word for it - was only really intended for sale at gigs on the next leg of the tour but then people who'd already been to see the show asked - quite reasonably - if they could get it too. It's taken a wee while to sort out a sensible way of making it available online but yes, yes you can.

It's only twenty pages and it contains these seventeen poems... and a limited number are available here.


Hazy fog above the Bull Ring said...

YES! Thanks for sorting this out, I love you

Anonymous said...

Cheers for sorting this Mr Gorman :-)

was one of the ones who commented (moaned ;-)) about these not being available to those who had already been to your show so a genuine thanks for looking into this and making them available.

My copy was ordered seconds after your FB update so hopefully it's winging it's way to me.

Many thanks


Leslie in London said...

Hi Dave,

I always listen to your podcast and enjoy Found Poetry, though it was never my favourite part of the show (my heart belongs to Pun Street). However, I saw your live show a few months ago and absolutely loved the way Found Poetry worked in that environment. The difference between my emotional reactions to both versions surprised me, and I thought you might be interested to know that. I'm sure everyone's reactions vary, but that was my experience of it.

Sign me, Leslie in London

Dan said...

Is it safe to assume this will still be available on tour, by the time you reach Bristol, or is it safer to order one here?

Dave Gorman said...

@Dan: I'd be very surprised if we didn't have any in Bristol. I can't 100% guarantee it - but we try to carry enough stock in the van to ensure we've got everything available at every venue.

Dan said...

Got it, thank you very much. And it was lovely to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Badger burger. Lol

Unknown said...

Oh how I wished we'd waited in line at Winchester to get one...trouble is we had to get back to our 4 foster kids and their babysitter! Will make a great addition to the coffee table & pop-in-tea conversations. Thanks Dave for enlightening us [ironic :)]