Friday, August 10, 2012

Blur Sunday!

photo by Inner Circle Photography
This Sunday's show will be a bit different. It's going to be three hours long instead of the usual two and we'll be broadcasting live from Hyde Park - which later that day will be hosting the BT London Live Closing Ceremony Celebration Concert featuring The Specials, New Order and Blur.

The gigs sold out... but we do have two tickets to give away to some lucky soul.

I'll be joined by Andy and Annabel again - who were both great last week - and as well as the usual blather, there'll be an interview with me and Damon Albarn in the mix. We'll be on air from 10.

While I'm here... I forgot to blog the two tracks I brought in from home for the radio show last Sunday... here you go. First up, the fantastic, Battleships by I'm From Barcelona who are from Sweden:

And a brand new track from a band who are new to me. Yippie Yeah by The Diamond Noise:


Matt said...

How do we win the tickets Dave!?

Emma Spreadbury said...

Ha! My student poster boys brought together in one photo. Brills!

I'm going to go podcast hunting because stupid post-wedding cleanup meant I couldn't listen on Sunday. I don't want to be disappointed.