Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Publication Day!

... and so begins the busiest week of my year... September 4th is publication day. That's it. The new book is out. Officially. Today.
Today is also the day that UKTV - the company that runs the channel Dave (as well as Watch, Really, Alibi, Gold etc etc) - launches their new slate of programmes. They do it with a big live event called, naturally enough, UKTV Live. I'll be there this morning doing a short piece to launch the series to members of the press and then in Battersea tonight to launch the book.

Then there are a load of interviews to promote them both - oh, and the imminent tour, natch -  oh, and a family wedding too. I'm looking forward to it all. I'm just not sure how it'll all fit into seven days.

The first episode of Series 2 of Modern Life Is Goodish airs on Tuesday night. I'm looking forward to it actually being out there. Especially as the fools at Dave have decided to let me loose as a live continuity announcer that night.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! :) Just ordered the book and looking forward to the Modern Life series... especially the 2 based on the Fareham shows which we came too... kept so many things quiet so far since that night... and looking forward to the reaction from some of it :)

Unknown said...

The book was delivered to my Kindle app overnight and I will start reading it tonight. Looking forward to the second series of Modern Life... as well. Roll on Tuesday!

ian byford said...

amazon says your book has been handed over to the carrier and is in transit

Emma Spreadbury said...

Horray!. I've just ordered it from my local good bookshop, for which I feel smug about.

I can highly recommend anyone ordering from their local good bookshop; it makes you feel like a good person.

Nicola H said...

\o/ for the fools at Dave! :) I shall be listening hard

Pjudd said...

Have You Noticed How New Adverts For Products Use Strange Statistics eg 70 Women Out Of 270 Prefer This, Why Oh Why Oh Why Not Out Of 100