Friday, February 24, 2012

A Nomination

It seems the tour has been nominated for a Chortle award. For best tour.

It's a strong list - I mean, I'm not sure about this Seinfeld chap, he must be new or something - but the others are all great.

Anyway... it's one of those things you can vote for, so, y'know, if you feel that way inclined and... well, this is awkward isn't it? Hmm. Well. Right.

It seems odd to not let people know about it at all but then it feels like you're asking people to vote and that feels even odder. It's here if you're interested.

I'm just going to walk away, now. You can find me at the bottom of the page telling you where you can still see the show.

The tour's been extended so there are still plenty of chances to see it. I've got three warm up gigs at the end of March - two in Newbury and one in Chelmsford. Then I do the four night run in London at the start of April before heading to Melbourne, Australia for a couple of weeks. Then from may 19th to July 6th I'm on a full national tour. All the details are on the Live Dates page here.

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