Monday, February 6, 2012

On the show this week...

The two songs I brought in from home for yesterday's show were a) Capricornia by Allo Darlin'

I've played a few Allo Darlin' songs over the couple of years I've been doing Absolute Radio and they've always been well received. As was this one.

And b) Hush If You Must by Brooke Waggoner

who's new to me... but turns out to be fab.

I think it was my favourite show for a few months with some amazing tweets and emails and the like from folks at home. At least I assume they were at home. They could have been anywhere. We started with some discussion of urinal-etiquette before moving sideways into a discussion about being scrutinised... which prompted this tweet from Ian B: "When I first met my ex-girlfriend's Dad, he was polishing a gun. Turned out he collects antique guns, but still. Scrutiny." Yup.

Found Poetry returned this week alongside our other regular features; Ward's Weekly Word and Martin's Song and of course there were the usual podcast only extras too. Some controversy was soundly dealt with in the Pun Street Planning Committee Council Chamber. Good.

Of course you can get the latest podcast here, or for you non-itunes folks, here.

A few people have asked me if I'll be doing the show next Sunday given that I'm gigging at the Doncaster Comedy Festival that night (come on down!)... and the answer is that yes, I will be. I'll be doing the show as normal and then hot footing it to the train station.

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