Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 20 -> Carlisle

It's difficult to convey how strange this day has been.

I knew my Boardman bike was due a bit of a service - it has done nearly a thousand miles on this journey already plus another six or seven hundred in training... but I wasn't expecting the man himself - Chris Boardman - to start making the adjustments himself...

Chris came to the show last night at Threlkeld Village Hall and then cycled with me to Carlisle today. Life seems utterly, ridiculously blessed. I've just spent a day cycling with an Olympic Gold Medal winning, Worl Record holding cyclist.

Of course it wasn't just him. I also had my Human Sat Nav for the day - Shaun. I didn't tell him that Chris was coming along. I probably should have done. Shaun had a heart operation in June. Here we are at the start, outside Threlkeld Village Hall:

Shaun's route was fantastic -

... we stopped for a quick bite to eat at a pub - The Old Crown - in Hesket Newmarket:

And took some lovely quiet roads and cycle paths that I'd never have found alone.

There were a few climbs but afyer cycling up Kirkstone Pass yesterday they were nothing to fret over.

And here we are at the finishing line...

That would have been more than enough wonderfulnes for one day but it got better. I've got a new bike for the ride tomorrow. Thanks Mr Boardman.


Grethic said...

Sounds like a pinch me I'm dreaming moment.

Andrew said...

Brilliant stuff. :)

Charlie Gough said...

Hey Dave, we stopped to chat to you guys, just outside of Keswick, after a beagle decided to use Chris's bike to relieve himself. Hope the rides going well. Will try to catch your show in Bournemouth.
Great to meet you, Chris and the team.