Friday, December 12, 2014

London & New York

There are just four shows left for this year. From Tuesday to Friday (16th - 19th December) we'll be at the Southbank Centre (tickets). Then I'll be wrapping up warm and hibernating over Christmas.

In February we'll start work on series three of Modern Life Is Goodish - it should be on your screen around September. (So long as you choose the right channel at the appropriate time. I mean, it'll definitely be on some screens - it's really up to you to choose whether or not yours is one of them.)

But - you might have spotted that this leaves a bit of a break in my schedule in January.  Only it doesn't. Because I'm going to be returning to New York for a short run of Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation.

I've done two other runs in New York. On both occasions I went out for 6 weeks and ended up staying for 3 months as the runs were extended... that's not really an option this time so I'll be doing just 12 shows between January 20 and 31st at a fantastic venue called Subculture. Tickets go on sale later today. From noon. (New York time)