Monday, February 28, 2011

Dave's One Night Stand

That's the channel Dave not me-Dave. We recorded it on Saturday night at the Birmingham Hippodrome. If you've seen the show before (last series featured Russel Kane, Sarah Millican, Ben Elton, Jack Whitehall and Johnny Vegas) you'll know it involves someone doing a home town gig... and a lot of people don't realise I'm from Birmingham. Me included. Because I'm not.

I'm from Stafford. Which is 25 miles up the road. But it's the West Midlands... so it's a local gig at least.

So I filmed some short stuff to show folks round Stafford in the morning and then did the show that night.

I really like the way the production company approached things with their focus being all about the live show on the day - something that isn't always true in telly-land. As you can see from the set (my Mum took the picture) the excellent Simon Evans and Isy Suttie were on too - as were Elis James and Jason Cook - which I think made for a really well balanced bill with every performer pushing at slightly different comic doors. Fun.

Being on a Saturday night it meant I couldn't stay over in Birmingham as I had to be in London on Sunday morning for my Absolute Radio show. I hate missing a show... even when I was on tour I only missed one and that was because it was physically impossible to get back from Belfast in time to do it.

It's exhausting but worth it. And if you were in the audience at the Hippodrome and listened to the show then you'll be able to confirm that I succeeded with my secret mission. But that's just between us, right?

If you missed the show and want the podcast then it's here (if you're an itunes user) or here (if you're not) and the One Night Stand episode is scheduled to be on Dave on April 28th.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dave Gorman's Screen Guild...

... is the name of a new night I'm setting up at the gorgeous Hoxton Hall.

I wanted to create a space where I could introduce really good acts as well as play with new ideas of my own... and this is it.

I've really enjoyed getting back into stand-up this last couple of years but I don't want to abandon what I can achieve with powerpoint and a laptop.

But it's not really easy to find a space where I can experiment with that stuff... so I'm forming a double act with a big screen and we're going to host this night together.

The first one is on March 19th. I promise the acts will be ace. You can book tickets via the venue's website:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who are you... who, who? Who who?

It was a real privilege to meet Roger Daltrey a couple of days ago.

He's a driving force behind the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts at the Albert Hall and is going to be performing songs from Tommy at one of them this year... so he dropped in at Absolute Radio to help promote the shows and the cause. All the proper DJs must have been busy because I got a phone call asking if I could come along and do an interview. I didn't have to think for very long. Of course I could.

He was a proper gent... very easy to chat to and really passionate about the charity and all that it does.

You can get tickets for his and all the other concerts - they run from March 21st to the 27th - here.

Some of the interview will be in tomorrow's show - 10am til 12 on Absolute. And of course it'll then be on the subsequent podcast - what d'you mean you don't subscribe? I'm pretty sure the complete interview will be put out as a separate podcast too.

I bloody love this job.