Friday, February 18, 2011

Dave Gorman's Screen Guild...

... is the name of a new night I'm setting up at the gorgeous Hoxton Hall.

I wanted to create a space where I could introduce really good acts as well as play with new ideas of my own... and this is it.

I've really enjoyed getting back into stand-up this last couple of years but I don't want to abandon what I can achieve with powerpoint and a laptop.

But it's not really easy to find a space where I can experiment with that stuff... so I'm forming a double act with a big screen and we're going to host this night together.

The first one is on March 19th. I promise the acts will be ace. You can book tickets via the venue's website:


John said...

Great idea Dave, be good to take it out of London at some point too.

Mel said...

Hi Dave - big fan, but wrong side of the world...
Can you tell me if this is anywhere near Oxford? I have a fellow aussie (best) mate living over there, and would love to treat her to a show, provided it's relatively nearby.


Paul Styles said...

Fantastic, is there a dartboard nearby?

Dave Gorman said...

@Melissa: it's in London... not exactly _near_ Oxford but doable. But not a journey many would make when so many great shows travel to Oxford

@John: it would be good to take it out of London at some point but I don't want to lose sight of what it is. Leaving London with it would be much more costly so it would need to go into a bigger venue and then it would be less playful and experimental. But lets see what happens with it.

@Paul I don't know. But it's likely to be a labour intensive exercise so I'm unlikely to be spending the hours before the show relaxing with some arrows even if there is.

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun Dave, I hope you enjoy it and it proves portable someday. My husband and I saw your show in Liverpool last year and enjoyed it.

Speaking of laptops and Powerpoint...there's this sort of event thing called Ignite, where people give 5-minute presentations with slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Scary but fun!

Anyway, I did a talk a couple months ago and as the founding father of powerpoint-based comedy and supporting independent businesses, you got a name-check.
It's here if you'd like to watch (though I realised I was talking incredibly quickly and it's a bit quiet).

All the best,

Doing Diaries said...

Hey Gorman, Dave.

Just to let you know I've stuck a link to your new show on the blog for

A new site I'm launching with my hard earned pennies. I'm just me, not some corporate drone.

If you could find it in your heart to blog/tweet anything about it - have a look and see what you think - I can give fans of yours 3 months free.

We can make up a code for this if you fancy?


Something like this:

My single fans get 3 months free on
Use code Gormania.

Anyhoo, I know it's a lot to ask, but god loves a trier, or so I dearly hope you can help.

I am a fan of yours, and only recommend doing stuff on dates I would do myself.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Look forward to seeing you on the 19th,

Matt Janes.

Mike McTimoney said...

You're going to get an oily trouser cuff, if you don't swap the reflective band to the other leg.


Dave Gorman said...

@miketually well spotted! Rest assured the band was on the correct leg in actuality... I flipped the photo round because it just felt like I should be on the right of the screen as we look at it for some reason. You can see the picture the right way round on the cover of the DVD.

I was asked if we had an image to go with the show... we didn't so I knocked that up in a hurry. And I think it shows.