Monday, January 26, 2015


I'm half way through the run in New York - 6 shows done, 6 to go - and I'm loving it here. (Someone should definitely come up with some shorthand, symbolic way of conveying the phrase "I love New York", I think it could sell.)

The weather might be about to throw a spanner in the works. If the news is to be believed, tonight and tomorrow will see New York being hit by "one of the top two or three blizzards in the city's history."

Still... this church on 5th Avenue has its priorities sorted. Blizzard? It could be worse:

If you're in New York and dare to venture out on Tuesday, the show will be at SubCulture - 45 Bleecker Street at 7.30pm. I'm there on Wednesday night too and then doing two shows each night (at 7 and 9) on Friday and Saturday before - sharknado permitting - flying home on Sunday.

The full schedule of shows is here.

UPDATE: I've just had a call telling me that Tuesday's show has been cancelled because, well, because everyone is being advised to cancel their shows as City Hall wants everyone to stay where they are and not travel. At all. Blimey.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Start Spreading The News...

I'm leaving today...

... actually, I'm not. I'm leaving on Monday. First show, Tuesday.

I've done two runs in New York before now. On both occasions, I set out to do a six week run and on both occasions I ended up staying for twelve weeks. I don't have much time to settle in on this occasion and extending the run isn't an option either. I have to hit the ground running. It's twelve shows and then home to start revving the engine on series three of Modern Life Is Goodish.

I'll be on at SubCulture from Tuesday 20th through to Saturday 31st of Jan. No shows on Thursdays. Two shows Friday and Saturday.

If you're in New York and want to come along... come along!