Friday, May 16, 2014

Lost & Found

I was in Brighton earlier this week... where I found this camera abandoned on the beach.

When I first saw it, it was just lying on the pebbles and I was sitting a short distance away having a drink with some colleagues and so we watched to see if anyone came back, frantically searching for it.

An hour passed.

There was nowhere sensible to hand it in to and there seemed to be little chance of it making its way back to its owner, so rather than leave it to the ravages of sun, rain and salt water I thought I'd look after it and make best efforts to find its owner.

If it was digital I'd have a look at the photos and upload something that people would identify... but it's a film camera so I can't. Well not yet. There's a film in the camera and if I don't get a response from this, I'll pay to get the pictures developed and try again.

But for now... there are some initials on the case. If this is your camera, get in touch and let me know what those initials are and I'll work out a way of returning it to you...