Friday, April 26, 2019

More 2019 Dates

If you came to any of the tour shows that I did last autumn or this spring, you'll be aware of quite how much I enjoy playing live. I don't know why some material is more fun to perform than other bits but With Great Powerpoint Comes Great Responsibilitypoint is a show that's just full of stuff that's really fun to do.

When we got to the last show at the end of February quite a few venues had been in touch wanting to have the show and I was eager to keep on going... but because I had to start work on other things it wasn't immediately obvious when - or if - we could make things fit.

But things have finally sorted themselves out and I'm delighted to say that the show will be back on the road this autumn for another 24 dates.

A few of these shows are return visits but the majority of them are to new venues - and to parts of the country that weren't particularly well served before...

If you're the sort of person who likes to read a review to persuade yourself... well here's a (previously blogged) nice review from The Times... although this time, I've redacted it to make it completely spoiler free!

I think I'm going with the quote,"Dave Gorman, the king of high-concept multimedia shows, the high priest of the comedy Powerpoint talk. He's backed by hundreds of precision-tooled graphics that he controls and interacts with as if he were in a double act with his laptop. The rappor between them is extraordinary. Gorman finds acute new angles on familiar topics in this hugely entertaining 90 minutes of multifacted, multimedia stand-up"

I hope to see you there... all the details can be found on