Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Extra Extra Extra

Blimey... when this new tour was first announced, it was going to be a short and sweet 26 nights. A few of the shows sold quickly and some of the venues came back asking for more and we added a further 9. And then another 7. And I thought that was probably that...

But now we're adding another 19 - all in January/February 2019 - taking the total to 61.

Some of the new dates are extra shows for existing venues... we're adding a third date at the Royal Festival Hall, London, the Symphony Hall, Birmingham, the City Hall, Hull, the Theatre Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham and the confusingly named Warwick Arts Centre, which is in Coventry and not Warwick.

There's also a fifth show at the Lowry, Salford which means a huge amount to me because Manchester/Salford is where I began my adventures in comedy some 27 years ago. I was a 19 year old soon-to-drop-out student at Manchester University and my first ever gig was as part of a charity night at Salford Uni. Time flies.

There are some new towns in amongst the new dates also. Northampton, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Cambridge and Guildford.

Of course, all of the dates are on my site... but here's a handy map to help show you where we're going:

I know that every time I post something like this I get a flurry of emails and tweets from people asking me why I'm avoiding certain parts of the country. Allow me to head you off at the pass...  because the answer is always the same: I'm not.

Of course, they might be avoiding me. I don't book venues. They book me. Sometimes places want to book the show but don't have dates that work. Sometimes venues want to book the show but can't handle it technically - I am in a double act with a large projector screen, so sight lines and lighting etc etc are more important than if it was just one-man-and-a-mic stand up. Sometimes venues just don't want to book the show.

Anyway... I hope you can come along. See you there!