Saturday, January 21, 2006


I was sitting flicking channels earlier when a programme came on called The World According To Google. I found myself thinking that I didn't want to watch it because, as interesting as I think the company is, I think I've probably crammed a lifetime's worth of Google related thinking into the last three years as it is. So I carried on flicking.

Nothing was keeping my attention so eventually I clicked back to the Google show where I was surprised to see a small extract from my DVD... including some very out of context stuff taken from the pre-show sequence. That's odd, I thought, I don't remember anyone asking if they could use that. I was sitting there wondering how and why someone would take this without my permission when suddenly my own very tired and drawn face popped on the screen giving a short interview about Google too.

So I guess that they did have my permission and more. Only I have no memory of doing the interview. I don't know when or where it was. When the credits rolled it became clear that the episode was called The World According To Google but that it was really an episode of The Money Programme. Maybe I'm deliberately shutting things out. Maybe now that the Googlewhack Adventure is no more I am wiping the peripheral information from my memory. It was very odd.

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