Tuesday, July 4, 2006

It's an honour...

Tomorrow I will become a doctor. This is a quite ridiculous state of affairs but a delightful one all the same. Many years ago I was a maths student at Manchester University. I dropped out because I'd started performing comedy and knew that it was what I wanted to do with my life. If my sums are correct (and who knows if they are, I did drop out after all) that was back in 1990. Then in January of this year I received a letter from Staffordshire University telling me that the Acadenmic Board of the University wishes to bestow upon me the Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University. The letter explains that the nomination is in recognition of my contribution to mathematics through my professional work which I would have thought was approximately nought. (Again - don't trust my calculations, I'm a drop-out.)

Obviously I was very happy to accept and my Mum was very quick to ask about whether she needed to wear a hat. Back in March when a Brazilian magazine asked if they could publish some of my photographs I thought about getting some new business cards printed saying, Dave Gorman: International Photographer. I didn't bother. Now I think Dr David Gorman; International Photographer might be worth it. It sounds like a character in an Agatha Christie novel... which is probably not a bad thing to be. Apart from the increased chance of being murdered.

The Rob Brydon series, Annually Retentive, which we recorded earlier this year starts soon on BBC3. The first episode goes out on July 11 at 10.30pm

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