Wednesday, August 2, 2006

A book I like

Even if I don't love a book, I normally persist and make sure I finish it. Maybe I have become less tolerant of late or maybe I have just been easily distracted with my mind elsewhere (or maybe I just chosen bad books to read) but 3 books have been started and discarded part way through this month and those I have finished haven't exactly thrilled me. So instead I've perused my shelves to find a recommendation from way back when and come up with this.
It's written by Peter Farrelly - one half of the Farrelly Brothers (that's if you're talking about the Farrelly Brothers as movie-makers, if you're Mr. & Mrs Farrelly, Peter is only one fifth of the Farrelly brothers and one ninth of the Farrelly children) - and while it is set on the fringes of the entertainmnet industry, it isn't a book written for those in the know. It's the story of a well-meaning guy from Boston who moves to LA to pursue a career as a writer and how his life gets turned upside down by a strange girl he encounters. Don't be put off by the title, it isn't about zinging one-liners - it does have laughs but it's about the story and it's full of heart.

The Comedy Writer

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