Saturday, September 2, 2006

A book I like...

I bought this because I loved Daren King's Jim Giraffe. I didn't realise that it was a prequel to his critically acclaimed debut Boxy An Star. Not that it mattered. This is mannered and otherworldly and some people will doubtless hate it. I loved it. It's narrated in the voice of an inarticulate child so words are invented and or mistaken and repeated and repeated. I think you need to read this book in long stretches because after a while the repetitive rhythms become hypnotic and you just become absorbed in a world that isn't completely real yet is real enough to make you care. It's amoral and dark and yet moving and funny too. I like Daren King a lot.

Me goin out it is dark goin out in dark. Goin to find my Uncle Dustman. Goin down the road an down nother one an a other one, Findin a police station it is shut.

Tom Boler

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