Monday, March 12, 2007

Team Genius Needs You

I'm really delighted to say that a new series of Genius is in the offing. The dates for the recordings aren't sorted out yet but the series is confirmed and that means we're on the lookout for new ideas of genius. If you have an idea for the show, take a quick trip to the Genius website and send it our way.

Unfortunately not everyone seems to be able to follow that simple instruction. This morning I received an e-mail from someone saying, "Hi Dave... I see that you're looking for new ideas for Genius and I have one. I didn't want to send it to the BBC address, I thought I'd cut out the middle man and send it straight to you..."

Oh dear... I'm afraid this is a surefire way to guarantee that your idea doesn't make it on to the show.

There are many people in Team Genius (they all have beards and so are deemed trustworthy) but I am probably the least organised of the lot. The chances of me interrupting my work (have I mentioned that I'm writing a book?)(slowly) to read your e-mail and then send it on to the rest of the team are slim to nil... especially when you've spurned the chance to send it to the team in the first place. I think it's probably a self-editing process mind... I mean, if you are a genius, you can probably work this out for yourself right?

There was an advert on TV earlier. I'm sure I heard the tagline "The whole world has a pulse... now, so does a toothbrush." How are we supposed to make Genius when this actually exists in the world? �

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