Thursday, November 3, 2005


I'm still in Chicago where I'm struggling to make the BBC's listen again feature work on my computer because, oddly enough, I want to listen to episode two of Genius. I know that might sound odd because obviously I was there so I should know what happened but Richard Madeley was an inspired guest and it ended up being one of the longest recordings as a result... with a lot of the time being taken up by me giggling. I don't know how I would have gone about trying to cut it down to a fluid 30 minutes and thankfully I didn't have to do that job, but someone did and I'm very curious to discover how it came out.

Chicago at Night, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.


Gavin Cooney said...

Dave, I can't find Genius in the listen again section at all. What's the dealio? Where is it?>

Please please please release it as a podcast (i'd pay for a Genius podcast) or a CD or something? Please?

Love your work.

Gavin Cooney said...

Ah I see. It's only available for a week or so after broadcast... even more reason to do some podcasts?

Dave Gorman said...


the first series is available on CD... there's a link to DVDs, books and stuff at the top of the page under the 'blog' picture... and I guess the CD is one of the things I mean by 'stuff.'