Saturday, October 27, 2007

Late Night Poker

I took part in a poker game this afternoon as part of Channel 4's Late Night Poker... which I think was the series that first introduced the game to British TV. I've taken part in two televised poker games before and much as I've enjoyed them, I've never felt like I've given a very good account of myself. I can't reveal how I fared in this game - or who won - because it's only right and proper that people sit down to watch the show without knowing the outcome but I will say that I'm happier with my play this time. I think the show will air in January next year.

One of the things that makes these games fun is the eclectic mix of people you end up chatting to. This time round the line up was Hardeep Singh Kohli, Stephen Mangan, Howard Marks, Cleo Rocos, John Thomson and myself. In what other circumstances would I end up sitting round a table with that lot? Hardeep definitely has the most poker experience but Howard has the best poker face I've ever seen. Mind you, I'm not sure he's deliberately hiding his emotions... it's got more to do with a lifetime spent frying his nerve endings.


Anonymous said...

Do you know when it will be aired?

Dave Gorman said...

Paragraph 1: "I think the show will air in January next year."

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dave. I was tired (and drunk).