Friday, March 7, 2008

Before I go...

I'm flying to America later today. I'll be back in a week. And at some point I'll tell you what I was up to. It's going to be a hectic schedule that's for sure.

It's not so long ago that I was sat at my desk, spying the end of the book in sight and hankering after a big chunk of time off. It doesn't seem to have materialised.

I finished the book not long before the film was screened so I was thrust straight into promotion for that. And telly being what telly is, the film's broadcast seemed to remind a few people that I exist and the phone started to ring with a few offers of work as a result. Or maybe the offers would have come anyway. It's impossible to know for sure.

But anyway, the upshot is that I'm flying to the States tomorrow.

Before I go, there's another book related event I ought to mention.

The Guardian are going to host a few video-podcasts about it... which is lovely of them. My publishers suggested filming an interview with me and using that but I find those sort of things make me squirm. There's something insincere about an interview when the person asking the questions is really doing a PR job for the person answering them.

I thought the thing would have more energy - and honesty - if the questions were coming from, oo, I dunno... you. Yes. You.

So we're organising a small event for around 70 people so that you can do just that. Assuming you're one of the 70 people who attends it.

It's going to be on March 17th at Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road in central London. People will need to get there for around 6pm.

We'll turn a camera on, I'll chat about the book for a bit and then there will be not just Qs but also As. I'll do the As if that's okay with you.

Then we'll turn the camera off and hang around for a glass of wine and a chat. I might pretend to be hosting a St Patrick's Day Party and you can pretend to be my guests if you like. (Not that we'll go on to the early hours or anything... it is a bookshop after all)

Anyway... as space is limited someone's decided to get organised with it, so the spaces will go to the first 70 people who e-mail with their phone number and a question that they'd like to ask.

(Nobody's going to show me the questions in advance, mind... they just want to make sure that we don't end up with an audience of 70 people who all sit there in silence because they all assumed someone else would ask a question. That would make for an awkward podcast.)

Why not come along and help me cast my first pod?


Unknown said...

If you find yourself in North Carolina, give me a shout :=)

Sara Thomas said...

'whirligig' - what a lovely word!

Safe trip.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any cheap hostel/accommodation places around Charing Cross Road? Or would anyone be willing to put a Dave Gorman fan up for the night?!


Anonymous said...

There's a YHA hostel in Soho, apparently. More details/other options here:

Anonymous said...

Has everyone heard back from Random house by now ? I suppose i didn' get selected if i haven' heard by now :(

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link, I did have a look at that shortly after I posted my message. I've got it all sorted now though, so thanks anyway!


I've been contacted but I can't say about anyone else!

Unknown said...

Why isnt dublin included on this book tour?? Youre making it down to my hometown Galway alright...Why not the smoky city? ;o(

Anonymous said...

I'm gutted i haven't been contacted.
I hope everyone else has an awesome time though! :)

Anonymous said...

i have a hectic schedule.

Anonymous said...

It was a great night. The book's going to be fantastic (and Dave's copy was very shiney)!

Some really good questions (although I didn't get to ask mine as the Red Dwarf Instiute of Navigation's question led Dave down the twisty turney road to my answer).

A bit of healthy piss taking of the audience as well as some woderfully full and thorough answers from our host made for a very intimate atmosphere.

Cheers Dave

Anonymous said...

I agree with Adam!

I was involved in the healthy piss taking of the audience, from my own doings I might add. (Yes, its me, the crazy stalker-fan on the frong row in the blue hoodie, who amongst other things, asked Dave if he wanted to get a flat with me in the USA - what was I thinking)

I thought the whole event was brilliant, and Daves interaction and jovial willingness to answer the questions was spot on (although I knew it would be) - Thanks Dave, Folyes and the publishers!

By the way, what was your question Adam?

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon - yes...Dave's worried backing away from your staring eyes was the high point of the night. Very funny. I was just to your right, 2nd row - bright yellow shirt! My question was:
I can't help feeling the DG of old would've insisted on visiting every single Independence in the States. Was there a reason for this previously unseen restraint? Was it simple maturity or the absence of a certain Mr Wallace?

Catch you at the next Gormfest!

Anonymous said...

I work for a bookshop in Dublin and I got an uncorrected proof copy of Unchained America in work (we get these all the time). I read it in one go and enjoyed it very much. I was a bit puzzled by the way it ended so abruptly. Turns out it was only a 'sample' copy that I had, and I only had the first 180 pages. Off out to but the full copy tomorrow. LOL :¬)