Saturday, April 26, 2008

Book Readings... and the Tellyboxing of Genius

I fly to Galway tomorrow for the start of another week of book-readings. As well as Galway I'll be visiting Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. The details/venues/etc are here. Hopefully I'll see some of you at some of them.

In the meantime... here's some rather jolly news. We made a one-off tellybox episode of Genius last year and it's no longer going to be a one-off. We're going to make a series of the show for BBC2 (as well as making more for Radio 4)

Of course, when we're going to make a new series we always need to have a fresh injection of potentially genius ideas... so get your thinking caps on and send them along. Don't post them here though and don't send them to me - I'm sure I'm the least organised member of Team Genius and I can't be trusted with important things like that. No, e-mail Team Genius at (including your name and telephone number) or visit the Genius website.


Stromi said...

Forgive me Dave but I seem to have missed the one of Genius when it aired. Will it be repeated?

Stevyn Colgan said...

Great news Davey boy. It'll be in my planner. Enjoying the latest book BTW. It cheered me up in a week when I did my ankle in and all I could do was sit in the garden, in the sunshine, reading as recorded on my blog.


Dktens said...

Just finished watching your movie in America unchained. Great watch and its quit sad a lot of these places are dyeing out. They all looked like great people you must have a great time talking to them on and off camera.

I should be picking your book up next Tuesday. I personally can't wait to read more about the people you met. If I have the time as well I'll see if I can get a ticket for your Glasgow reading. Also congratulations on your show being taken up by BBC 2 definitely sounds interesting. Wish I had known you did a radio version previously don't tend to listen to the radio though sadly.

Sam, sam, the hyde park man said...

to echo strommy, would be good to know if/when the pilot will be/was braodcast. I recorded a genuis idea at the end for the credits, but it would be generally great to see the show again. Travelled all the way from leeds to see that recording!

Britswitch said...

a tellyboxful of genius. crikey!(thats a happy noise, btw)