Friday, May 23, 2008


Cow, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

Firstly... rejoinders to my last un-bloggy news entry:

1: Heresy: a pleasure. Especially as I got to meet and work with the masterful Clive James.

2: Soccer 6: Such a great day out. We were in a group with teams labelled Justin Hawkins, Reality TV stars and McFly. Some teams had ex-pros assigned to them - we were delighted to have none other than Neville Southall in goal - but McFly were the pre-tournament favourites. They had Dean Saunders playing for them and had somehow managed to bag the highly skilled former Big Brother winner Anthony Hutton as well - how dare he betray his reality roots. Of course if any of McFly farted the crowd roared - sorry, squealed - with delight and any team playing against them were immediately cast as pantomime villains. We beat Hawkins' mob 6-1, Reality FC, 2-1 and then had a hard fought 1-0 win against McFly. Confidence was up. But then we lost in our quarter final. 2-0. I don't know who the opposition were to be honest. But I know their goal-keeper was on fire. They had two shots and scored two goals. We sent balls fizzing past the post on several occasions and their keeper kept out 9 or 10 more. So they deserved to win. But we were gutted.

3: Hay: What The Dickens. I'm on my way to Hay soon. While there I'll also be recording another episode of Just A Minute. Lord only knows if I'll find it any easier to get a word in edgewise this time. I hope so.

New Un-bloggy News:
I'm a guest on The Paul O'Grady Show on Monday. So's Duffy. She's ace.

I don't know if I'm going to be online when I'm in Hay... so there might be a prolonged period of radio-silence.

There are already thousands of reasons to love Half Man, Half Biscuit but their new album 'CSI: Ambleside' provides dozens more.
"I'm gonna feed our children non-organic food..
and with the money saved, take 'em to the zoo"
is one of them.


Anonymous said...

Deep Blue, in '97 I voted for you, as sports personality of the year, I thought at least you'd get the overseas...

Jenny Harvey said...

I'd completely forgotten about the genius of HMHB. Just dug out my treasured Dukla Prague away scarf!

Anonymous said...

I too was happy to be reminded that HMHB are still making music.. All is not lost perhaps?

Well, I'm off to do the Len Ganley stance if you don't mind..

Anonymous said...

Ive just seen u on Paul O Grady show, Im ever interested in the things your doing next cause they are always interesting! keep up the good interesting work! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ur rite duffy is on the show (Paul O Grady) this is mad lol and a bit strange lol Im writing 2 ur blog as Im watching the programme ur on and write about being on. Must asy I found the stuff you were talking about really good and inspiring. Liked the comments about the bubble wrap LOL Nice idea but shame about the cost LoL!

Anonymous said...

PS. Yes it's me Annonymous again! Just 4 therecord Im vegetarian too! Have been since I was 12 (thats 28yrs in total)And I've not died yet! I will never eat an animal again!

Unknown said...

Just seen you on the POG show! Funny! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you lost with Big Nev in goal!!

Anonymous said...

What bullocks!!!!
(the pic that is, nice)