Thursday, January 15, 2009

I-I-I-I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape

Sad that it took news of P.McGoohan's demise to remind me of this great tune... you've got to love Ed Ball.


Stuart said...

"Once there was a man who spent all of his saving making a tv show..."

That sounds a bit like you, Dave! How many MPDG was it in the end? I hope you collected the frequent flyer miles!

40kaddict said...

If you've never been to Portmeirion, where the Prisoner was filmed, I recommend it. Been there twice and will no doubt be going again later this year. A truly unique and beautiful location, it should not be missed.

Anonymous said...

Good to be reminded of Ed Ball. Saw him just once, playing as The Times, at London's Dirty Water Club. Excellent stuff. I'll have to check his Myspace or website and see what he's up to. Cheers. Murray