Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good News Tweet

I was having a vaguely stressful time of it this morning. Nothing major - I just forgot I was meant to be somewhere and then had a phonecall asking me why I wasn't there and then had to race around more than I'd normally like to. I hate being late. I hate feeling like I've let people down. I apologised. They were fine. But it still left me feeling a bit discombobulated.

But... we got the work done and then I emerged into a crisp, sunny London day and turned my phone on and found some good news waiting for me.

Which I've rather given away with my choice of illustrative picture.

The news was that, according to whatever arcane method Apple use to work out their Best of 2009, our podcast has come in at the top of the audio bit. I'm tempted to find out if it's a list of things arranged in alphabetical order but I won't look in case it takes the shine off things.

Making the show (and the podcast) has become surprisingly fun. Hang on, that sounds like I wasn't expecting to enjoy it. I was. That's why I agreed to do it in the first place. But I'm enjoying it far more than I thought I would.

I particularly like the way the podcast has taken on a life of its own outside the show. We get a lot of texts and e-mails during the show - which is fabulous - but it would be very easy for people listening to the podcast to feel excluded from the interaction, to feel it's not worth sending us an e-mail on a topic on the assumption that, by the time they get to listen the show is over.

But a few people e-mailed us their thoughts on things so we started to include that in the podcast and that encouraged more people to do so and so it grew. Our first couple of podcasts were close to thirty minutes each... our last couple have been nudging an hour. It's your fault you know. Yes. You.

And it's all really appreciated. I love working with Danielle and Martin (and Emma and Phil) and I love reading the diverse e-mails that come in and the feeling that every discussion could go on for ever in podcastland.

I guess I was expecting to enjoy the show and to spend five minutes recording an intro for it. That we've ended up recording so much more is a sign that a) we're enjoying the show and b) we see the podcast not as a chore but as a fun entity in and of itself.


Incidentally, there's a sort of mini-podcast out today. That is, it is mini but it's not a mini-version of the normal podcast. It's something else entirely - not specifically related to the show - put out under the same banner. I guess it's 12 minutes of me doing some extra-curricular work for Absolute and interviewing Doves before their excellent Christmas Session that I mentioned a few days ago.

The video of the session is in my previous post and there's a video of the interview over on youtube too.


Ben Paddon said...

It's a great show, has to be said. You guys should be very proud.

Scottish Nature Boy said...

So, I was wondering what the name should be for people who send material in for the podcast, i.e. contributors of correspodcast items. How about Correspodents? Close enough to a typo to be suitably or subtly confusing!

Scottish Nature Boy said...

Many congratulations, by the way!