Thursday, April 1, 2010

31 plus 37

This leg of the tour has been an exhausting but fun couple of months - I'm convinced it's been more exhausting than the original 31 gigs which came in 31 consecutive nights and with 1600 miles of cycling thrown in too. Not sure how that can be. But it is.
This tour involved a mixture of car, train, plane and ostrich. Only without the ostrich. I haven't worked out how many miles I've done in total with this leg but I think we passed the 1600 mile mark in the first week so that probably explains it.

The tour might be over... but it's probably not the last time I do the show. I don't want to jinx things by saying too much... but I think there's likely to be a small run of shows in the not too distant future. Not a proper full on tour - it's time for me to get stuck into Genius - but a few extra shows are looking likely. If that sounds cryptic, my apologies, it isn't meant to. But there's no point speculating about the details when I genuinely don't know all that much right now. I don't know the whens or the wheres.

Mainly I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came. And especially to those who've kept the secrets. Which is, I think, most of you. I've enjoyed chatting to people after the shows and most nights I'd speak to someone who'd tell me that they're friend had seen the show but had refused to tell them about this or that... and it was really pleasing to see that - having now seen the show themselves - they always completely understood that their pal had done them a favour.

Of course seeing as there are still future audiences to think about, the request that the secrets be kept continues. Loose lips, sink quips and all that.


david petherbridge said...

Hi Dave, we'd love to see you over here in Dublin for one of those "secret" gigs.
God we need cheering up.


David Petherbridge

Dave Gorman said...

Thanks David. I'd love to play in Dublin. But as usual, the answer is the same... I don't book venues, they book me. I go where the work is. I'm sorry it's such a prosaic answer.

Jayel Aheram said...

When are you touring the US?

Dave Gorman said...

@Jayel Aheram: From August to December 2005. You should have been there.

Apart from that, the answer is the same prosaic answer above.

jimmyshoey said...

I think it's fairly easy to guess what the cryptic small run of shows are all about. It's what keeping the secrets has been all about really, for those who haven't seen the show.

Now I'm sounding cryptic.

noanoanoanoanoa said...

I first heard the Simon Singh's case from Marcus Brigstoke on Radio 4's The Now Show and found it ridiculous. I support the cause

Unknown said...

Hi Dave, We loved your show at the Lowry, Salford (before the run was extended). Just one thing bothering me - the phrase is 'couldn't stop a pig in an entry/alley/ginnel (wherever you are from' - not 'a pig in a poke' (which is an entirely different thing pig-wise.)
Of course, you may have realised this already, in which case please accept my apologies.
This comment is meant in the nicest possible way from one who has a shed full of useless items purchased from inapoke (turbo seller) on ebay.
Hope you don't mind me pointing out the above.
Bandy Sheila