Thursday, November 4, 2010

Easing You Into A Pile Up.

I like the "which in some cases come 40 minutes later" bit.

Which is odd. Because you structure a show, then try to craft it so it looks less structured than it is... and then feel flattered when someone notices the structure.

But there you go.

I hope the "only disconcerting thing" isn't too disconcerting for people. I know some people won't know it exists. Not you. You're reading this. You know it exists. But others.

But then, I've no desire for world domination. I'd just like the people who want it to be able to find it. It's here.

(And everything else I've done - that's available - is here.)


Ben Partridge said...

Word of mouth is a powerful tool...but forcing people to watch it is just as good!

Dave Gorman said...

@Ben Partridge: hmmm... swap 'watch' for 'buy' and we might be on to something.

Trevor said...

Also available on - or had you forgotten that?

Trevor said...

Oops. Trying again but with the link working:

Also available here on - or had you forgotten that?

Dave Gorman said...

@Trevor: I hadn't forgotten that... it's just that it's technically the same thing. are distributing the DVD, they built the store front - it's a part of their website not mine.

My assumption has been that, as they built it, that's the link they'd rather I pointed people at. There seemed to be little point in giving people three links when they all effectively go to the same place!

TheKatsWhiskers said...

The two copies I ordered today, one for my household and one for my friend in the USA who will receive it for his birthday! We really enjoyed it and also really enjoyed the Q&A extra ~:)

Dave Gorman said...

Thanks Whiskers!

Anonymous said...

I can understand why the reviewer finds it odd that the dvd can only be bought from a limited places. We know you dont wish to take over the world Dave and thats a lot of the appeal with you as a writer/comedian/presenter. But having the dvd only available from the places it is means that we cant look around the internet trying to find the best price possible. People dont like paying full price for dvd's and nobody does. But having your dvd on limited release means it has to be purchased at full price which goes against my dvd buying instinct. Isnt doing this going to open up your dvd to more chance of illegal download? Either way I look forward to buying it.